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Health & Wellness

At ofi we are focused on the whole you!

Our competitive benefits have you covered. We offer an array of options to support the total wellness of our employees and their families. In addition to comprehensive medical, dental and vision plans for eligible employees, we offer generous retirement benefits, fertility benefits, and cover eligible domestic partners. In addition, if you have a furry friend, we’ve also got you covered with pet insurance.

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Holistic Wellness

ofi is committed to investing in the holistic health and wellbeing of our employees. We’ve implemented various programs including step tracking competitions to encourage physical health, friendly competition, and connection amongst employees. Additionally, we offer a Telemedicine platform to all employees with medical and behavioral services at your fingertips.

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ofi living

ofi living’s goal is to provide ways for employees across the country to lead healthier and fuller lives, connect through community volunteer efforts, and provide information on our products, their uses, and where they end up in stores and shelves. ​ofi living looks for ways to lead activities and promote opportunities to unify us across ofi locations as one ofi team.

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Work Life Balance

At ofi, we know that promoting and actively encouraging a healthy work life balance is important to the holistic wellness of our employees and our business as a whole. That’s why we offer flexibility and dedicated time away from work including paid holidays, sick time, and paid time off.

But don’t take our word for it, let’s hear from some of our employees!

Candace Smith-Lee

Senior Food Scientist

I mentioned I was planning on earning my bartending certification to my manager and she really liked the idea and thought it could bring something beneficial to ofi. She very much encouraged me and allowed me to have a flexible schedule during the certification process. Since earning my certification, I’ve bartended two weddings which is fun to keep up the skills. I make cocktails at home, follow a lot of bartending pages online and bring things back into the beverage applications. I ask myself, how could I make this non-alcoholic and what kind of customer would like this type of product.

Julianna Wilson

Product Line Senior Analyst

Working for ofi allows me to stay involved and be an advocate for agriculture in both my career and personal life. The work life balance is also a perk for me. My husband and I travel to work our cattle ranch on the weekends and during the week I’m working on red chile for ofi. We live on a small homestead in Las Cruces which allows us to instill the agriculture way of life and values in our children. I appreciate the work life balance of being able to pursue my personal goals and dreams in agriculture while still being able to have a career focused on agriculture with ofi.

Mimi Sarne

Office Administrator

Walkingspree encourages me to get my steps in, especially on days when I’m tired and might not have otherwise. It’s encouraging and motivating, and I like to see the markers telling me I’ve walked a certain amount of steps, it challenges me. With Walkingspree, I know I’ve done something for the day that’s good for me. One of my goals last year was to encourage more of my coworkers, friends, and family to take part in a race through Walkingspree where we ran to nourish a better world by donating 20 slices of bread to Feeding America for each registered runner.